A collection of unique and inspirational ways that reiki is being offered

Reiki is a beautiful form of natural healing which involves channelling the universal life-force energy that we all have within and around us. This form of healing was founded in Japan over 100 years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui, however is not tied to any religion or nationality.

The benefits of Reiki go far beyond what words can explain. It must be experienced for it’s power and beauty to be completely understood. Although trained very similarly, every Reiki practitioner works slightly different, using a range of complimentary disciplines and intuitive ways to connect with their clients and take them on a journey of self-discovery and sacred healing.

Something to consider, when choosing a reiki practitioner is the “connection” you feel when you are in their presence, whether physically or online via their website and social media. Do you resonate with their energy? How do you feel about the way in which they deliver reiki? Do you feel drawn to their service?

I personally believe that different people are drawn to different practitioners, for various reasons. I am so excited about the amazing work that reiki practitioners are doing with their clients and the uniqueness that comes with their services and offerings. Therefore, I have been inspired and called to raise awareness of this beautiful discipline and showcase all that reiki has to offer.

Below, is a collection of some amazing reiki practitioners that all serve their clients differently. The way in which they connect with reiki and incorporate it into their sessions is as unique and special as they are. Who do you resonate with?

Laura Jean

Reiki Master & Meditation Guide at 'Laura Jean Reiki'

Prana House - 1/885 High Street Thornbury, Melbourne. (Face-to-face & distant sessions available)

Becoming a Reiki Healer has expanded my world in ways I never could have imagined. For me, this is sacred and powerful work which initiates incredible transformation at a deep soul level. Reiki healing has helped my clients (and myself) in many ways – emotional release, energetic cleansing, restoring the nervous system, strengthening intuition and increasing self-confidence and trust in ourselves and the Universe.

During my sessions I love to provide a warm and nurturing environment for deep relaxation and

recalibration of the body, mind and spirit. Each session holds the intention to bring you energetic and

heart-centred guidance to support your overall wellbeing, moving you closer towards your goals and

awakening your inner healer. Whether you are totally new to energetic healing, or you've

explored it for a while, I would be so happy to support you on your healing path.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Laura Jean here:

Stefanie Griffin

Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Soul Coach and Crystal Practitioner at 'Glowing Soul Healing'

22 Alma Rd, St Kilda (Face-to-face and online appointments available)

Since learning the sacred art of Reiki in 2018, I have been on an incredible self healing journey that led me to becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher, dedicating my life and career to sharing the magic of Reiki with my clients and students. Having experienced the life changing impacts of Reiki within my own life, I knew that I had to share this gift with the world!

I am committed to always building my skills and my knowledge to best serve my clients. I am also committed to my own daily self healing practice, which is essential for keeping me in alignment with my true self and showing up as my best for my clients. Personally, I love the infinite nature of Reiki, and that it is a gentle reminder that we too are in fact limitless.

A Reiki session with me, is an opportunity to be held in the unconditional loving energy of Reiki. I have a natural gift for holding space, empathetically and with complete understanding for your Soul's need. I utilise my intuition to guide the healing, tuning into your energetic body and understanding what is asking to be released to bring you back into a state of alignment. I combine Reiki with the energetic healing modalities of Crystals and Sound to amplify the healing and your own personal experience.

Intuitively I tune in to receive any guided messages for my clients, to support them in their own growth and expansion. I use my coaching skills to support you to move beyond the blocks and beliefs that are limiting you, so you can reach your fullest potential.

My sessions bring calm, clarity and a deepened connection to your higher self.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Stefanie Griffin here:

Sarah Jane

Reiki Master and Akashic Records Practitioner at 'Moondance Healing'

Carlton, Victoria (face-to-face and online sessions available)

I combine reiki with journeys into the akashic records. Using somatic guided meditation I take clients into the higher dimensions where we open up their akashic records - their soul library. The soul library holds every thought, emotion, and experience that has ever happened to every soul that has ever existed! Wow!! Here, within the library, clients connect to their soul guides and highest self. Information and healing about past lives, present situations, and future possibilities is accessed. Only what is needed at the time and at the moment to be supported on life's journey is provided.

Magical healings and high vibrational guidance that is full of unconditional love occur during these journeys and the results can be profound. People feel a sense of coming home, a sense of real love and support and an empowering connection back to themselves.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Sarah Jane here:

Leanne Grothe

Intuitive Energy Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher at 'The Connected Space Co'

Seabrook, Melbourne, Victoria (Face-to-face and online sessions available)

Through deep energetic work, I am able to connect with and feel blocks and distortions within your energy, then work with you to find release through channeling lifeforce energy, helping you to shift into a new vibration. I offer intuitive energy readings at the end of each session by tapping into your own inner wisdom.

I also offers energy clearings that include energy realignment, chakra clearing & balancing, belief system clearing, emotional blocks release, identifying and clearing sabotages, identity reprogramming, timeline clearing, life purpose alignment and deliberate manifestation.

My personal mission is to help you reclaim your power for a life of purpose and abundance that is more deeply connected to the true essence of who you really are and what it means to be consciously connected to your life, body, mind and being.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Leanne Grothe here:

Amy Lopez

Reiki & Crystal Practitioner. Fertility Reiki & Healing, Intuitive Healing & Coaching at 'Amor&Life'

Brisbane, QLD (enquire about face-to-face and online sessions)

I was blessed to have Reiki find me during

my own Fertility Journey and it has helped me not only on that beautiful path but within my life in so many ways. I am now so grateful to bring this practice to other women on their own journey whether it be fertility (preconception to post birth including working with Women who have experienced loss.) or I also love working with anyone wanting to be held on their healing and growth journey, whatever that may be. I work intuitively with each client and what they specifically need, incorporating Reiki & Crystal Healing, Breathwork and Meditation, Intuitive spiritual guidance, along with Coaching to support their goals and desires. I hold space for you to do the work on healing core issues preventing you moving forward and I absolutely love building women up to feel their own strength and potential to live the life they desire. I offer a warm, loving, safe space to empower you to heal and align to your heart.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Amy Lopez here:

Sara Fieschi

Holistic Nutritionist and Energy-Spiritual Medicine Practitioner at 'Food Spirit Wellness'

Services offered online

I am trained in the following areas: Integrative

Nutrition, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Human Design, Medical Astrology and Life Coaching. I am also currently undertaking further training and development with two leading international high-level spiritual-psychic mentors. Drawing on my knowledge and training in nutritional, lifestyle, energetic, spiritual medicine and coaching, I support women, healers, practitioners, coaches in becoming knowledgeable and empowered in their own health journey so they can create the most potent

and authentic medicine for themselves, loved ones and clients. I am a Reiki Master and thoroughly enjoy using this healing modality to support my work as a holistic nutritionist.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Sarah Fieschi here:

Rebecca Ieremia

Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive & Holistic Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

Narre Warren South, Melbourne, Victoria (Face-to-face and online sessions available)

Reiki completely changed my life and inspired me to assist in changing the lives of many! My approach has always been to work with you in the way that serves and empowers you most. We are all such unique individuals and what works for others isn't going to be what works for you which is why I tune in with your energy and work with your needs in a way that supports you to thrive your way! I combine my skills as a holistic life coach and an intuitive being to tune into your energy and connect with your guides, during your session I will receive guidance from your guides and your energy which makes our space together unique and truly aligned to your highest needs and desires!

You can get in touch with and find out more about Sarah Fieschi here:

Julie Marsal

Certified Reiki frequency healing practitioner, IICT Certified SoulNar Sound + Energy Therapist, Intuitive Sound Bath Meditation Guide at ''

City of Glen Eira, Victoria (Face-to-face and online sessions available)

Energy based healings are Universal – no matter which modality. The way I have felt it for myself, my experience with Reiki and Sound frequency sessions combined, I have had such profound transformations in connecting to my own inner peace. With such a discovery, I am filled with love, compassion and am so passionate to be of service to guide you to a deep relaxation, to know that you can come home to yourselves anywhere, anytime. Allow me to hold space for you and let this infinite source of energy flow where it needs to shift and heal willingly. You can heal yourself when you connect within yourself.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Julie Marsal here:

Renee Italia

Wholistic Health Coach at 'Rebalance Naturally'

Airport West, Victoria (face-to-face and online available)

Reiki found me when I was on a sabbatical in India devoting to Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation practice. It was here I connected with an amazing human who allowed me to experience the power of Reiki energy for the first time. From this moment I knew this practice would become part of my energy tool box.

Wholistic Health Coaching supports the unique bio-individuality of each person. It determines how we see ourselves and how we show up in the world both physically and energetically. I help clients navigate the sometimes confusing imbalances that we are all privy too with modern living and Reiki is a pivotal part of this inquiry. Reiki reminds us that everything we need is within us. A key practice that creates space for my clients to drop out of the mind’s chatter and into their body’s innate wisdom and answers. This is foundational to the greater health coaching journey I offer. Reiki supports those I work with to let go of stagnation and plant seeds of intention from a place of ‘being.’ It is from this place I witness clients take pure action to rebalance naturally and blossom in all areas of their life.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Renee Italia here:

Instagram: @rebalancenaturally

Bianca Brewer

Reiki Practitioner, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner at 'State of Mind Therapies'

Narre Warren North, Victoria (Face-to-face and online sessions available)

For the past 20 or so years reiki has played a large role in my personal life and how I managed my own self-care. For me, after experiencing a reiki healing, I would often experience a sense of clarity and lightness that I could never receive from purely talking about my issues and concerns. My educational and professional background is in psychology, counselling and education, and for many years I always considered my love for reiki, crystals, oracle cards and all things “spiritual”, very separate from my professional life. However, the more I worked with my counselling clients, the more I felt an undeniable feeling that there was just so much more to explore with them. I felt like I was only helping people with one part of the equation. By all means talk therapy can be very effective and transformational, but for some, energy healing is more in alignment with what they need on their healing journey. Because of this, I felt a pull to expand my skills and really explore the ways in which I could go deeper with my clients and help them heal and transform from a mind, body & spirit approach. Since then, I have added hypnosis, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and reiki to my offerings and work with a holistic model. I am constantly blown away by the transformations that I continue to witness with my amazing clients.

You can get in touch with and find out more about Bianca Brewer here:

If you are feeling inspired by any of the above practitioners and would like to learn how to practice Reiki, either for your own self-care or as a professional practitioner, you may contact any of the practitioners above that offer 'Reiki Teaching'. Alternatively, you may like to get in touch with the amazing Loretta Carraro at Nourished Energy .