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Experience a journey of self-reflection, self-discovery and inner-guidance, as you immerse yourself into this blissful two hour ceremony, presented by Julie from and Bianca from State of Mind Therapies.


During this ceremony you will be guided through an art therapy approach (which has its origins in narrative therapy), as you journey through YOUR tree of life. "Your Tree of Life" is an artistic  representation of where you have been, where you are now and where you are headed.


As you are guided to draw each layer of your tree, you will uncover different aspects of yourself. You will be supported and encouraged to explore deeper, through sound healing meditations designed to clear and activate the various chakras. This will be supported by the energetic properties of crystals. You will have the opportunity to reflect on all that has been, celebrate all that is, and receive guidance around all that  will be. 

Throughout the ceremony you will experience:

- Art therapy (narrative therapy)

- Sound healing 

- Crystal healing

-Chakra clearing meditations &

-Self-reflection and inner-guidance 

The cost of this event is $111*


*plus $2.98 processing fee