EFT (Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT tapping), is an evidence based technique that has been found to have some amazing results. If you are feeling like it may be helpful for you to let go of past trauma, unhelpful thoughts, addictive behaviours or just feeling like you need a change in mindset, then EFT might be the perfect tool for you to help you move past the struggle. 

There is no "magic number" when it comes to the amount of EFT sessions required to achieve your desired outcome, however, most people do notice a shift after as little as one session. Depending on the issue, you may require more sessions. 

EFT has it's roots from acupuncture and kinesiology. It involves "tapping" on particular meridian points in the body whist focusing on an area of your life that you would like to change. By tapping on these meridian points, studies have shown that cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body decrease. This then results in you being able to separate your emotional response from the actual issue and "let go" of the problem. 

If you would like to move past a particular issue, feel more confident, change your mindset and start living in a way that is more aligned with your true self, then perhaps it's time we had a conversation about this amazing, life-changing technique. 

If you are interested in learning more about EFT tapping, or if you would like to book a session, click the ‘Book A Session’ link below and complete the online form for a call back. Alternatively you can get in touch via Instagram or Facebook

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