Distant Healing

A distant healing is just as effective and involves all of the benefits of a reiki healing, except you receive the service remotely. Once you have booked in to a distant healing, you can expect that you will be informed of exactly when the healing will take place. This will allow you the opportunity to create a beautiful, calm and peaceful environment so that you can receive all of the benefits of the healing, including the calm and relaxing element. It is recommended that you create a peaceful environment where you feel safe and at ease, weather at home or in nature, however, if this is not possible, it is completely fine and will not hinder the effectiveness of the healing. Alternatively, you can connect with your practitioner online and receive the healing virtually. 


Distant healing is a convenient alternative to in-person reiki healing, which includes the benefit of not needing to leave your own home. If you would like to find out more about distant healings and how it can benefit you, click the ‘Book A Session’ link below and complete the online form for a call back. Alternatively you can get in touch via Instagram or Facebook

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