I genuinely believe that all of us have everything we need within us to rise above the struggle and take control of our own healing. However, what’s sometimes missing is our knowledge of the tools and strategies required to be able to access what we need to heal.  

Are you ready to start feeling like YOU again? Would you like the tools and the strategies to help you become more resilient and present in your own life?

I work with evidence-based counselling practices and balance them with a soft spiritual approach to help my clients rediscover their potential and heal from their mental and emotional scars. I am passionate about empowering you to move past the struggle and embrace the beautiful life that is waiting for you.

If you are motivated to change, to heal and to rediscover YOU, then I would love to connect with you. Together, we can establish a gentle yet effective approach to help you feel grounded, empowered and more confident to move past the obstacles that have been holding you back.

If you would like to learn more about the work that I do with my beautiful clients and how I can help you, then click the ‘Book A Session’ link below and complete the online form for a call back. Alternatively you can get in touch via Instagram or Facebook

"Now is your time to heal, to grow, to shine"


Sometimes in life we can go through phases where we feel as if we have lost our way.  This may show up through feelings of overwhelming negative emotions, mental fog, lack of motivation, or feeling as if we have lost control. This can be caused by many different experiences and circumstances and can have a great impact on our relationships with others, but more importantly our relationship with ourselves.