EFT Tapping Circle

Have you been feeling like something needs to shift?

Have you been feeling like something is blocking you from living your best life? It may be a fear, a traumatic experience or even a habit that you just can't let go of. Emotional freedom Technique (EFT), or commonly known as "Tapping" can help you release your blockages so that you can step into the life that you desire. 

EFT involves tapping on particular meridian points to help release emotional pain and discomfort. The results can be transformational

This is for you if...

If you resonate with any of the below points, then this circle is for you:

  • Feeling like something needs to shift but are not sure how to let it go

  • Find yourself stuck in your limiting beliefs (i.e I am not good enough, I am not worthy enough, I just can't do it, I am not as good as him/her)

  • Have a desire to break a habit

  • Have a fear or anxiety that you would like to move passed

  • Have had a traumatic experience that is impacting your life 

  • Have blocks around money and abundance and just can't seem to let money flow in


Are you ready to release and let go?

If you are feeling like now is your time to release and let go then this EFT tapping circle is just for you.  During the session you can expect to:

  • Identify your blocks and triggers

  • Be guided into where you are holding these blockages and/trauma responses in your body 

  • Be taken through an EFT tapping technique to help you release and let go

  • Be supported in a group of like-minded people as we all hold the energy for each other

  • Leave with an actual process that you can use on your own

Yes, let's do this!


The online circle will be held on Saturday, 30th of July at 10am

Cost: Only $33

To experience transformational shifts through EFT tapping techniques during this one hour tapping experience, click the "book now" button above to secure your place.   

*Please note this is a one off event, and places are limited

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