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"A balanced approach to therapy, offering effective evidence-based counselling and hypnosis practices, as well as intuitive energy and natural healing techniques. Empowering every client with the opportunity and the tools to heal their mind, body and soul, and create the life they dream of living"


I cannot wait to help you move past the struggle and embrace the beautiful life that is waiting for you. 

If you would like to know more about how I can support you as you move away from the emotional pain and discomfort and towards a life that is fulfilling, and more aligned with who you truly want to be, then click the ‘Book A Session’ link below and complete the online form for a call back. Alternatively you can get in touch via Instagram or Facebook

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Distant Healing

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Fees and Packages

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EFT (Tapping)

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Are you ready to start feeling like yourself again?

Have you heard of EFT (tapping)? I have been so excited about some of the breakthroughs that my clients have been experiencing with this amazing technique and I would love to share it with you. Click on the link above download my free manual and video, to experience it for yourself.


It is quick, easy and effective. Give it a go...you have nothing to lose and everything to gain to finally start feeling like yourself again

Narre Warren North


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